Raymond has been really amazing. The service he delivered went way beyond
our expectation. He puts a personal, friendly touch and makes us feel special.
We really love the pictures as they truly show those emotional moments,
our feelings and all that were unfold.

“Seeing with one’s heart,
where connections,
truth and love
are found.”

- Raymond Xind


Photographer with a heart (心)

My name is Raymond Ching. Born in Penang, Malaysia and now based in Singapore. Will travel anywhere for photography.

Documenting events in a natural, heartfelt way and capturing moments and the essence of the person in those moments has not only defined my style of photography, but has also guided my passion and became the driving force behind what I consider my greatest obsession.

I believe the most important quality of a photograph, as in all forms of art, is to evoke an emotional response, to see not just with our eyes, but with our heart. Because that is where we find the connection, truth and love.

If you like the images that you find in my portfolios and is seeking someone to deliver genuine, heartfelt and candid images of people being themselves that are packed with energy, emotions and real feelings, you may have found your photographer.